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Here you will find a small selection from our extensive menu.

Roast Pork "Mother Elsa"
In our famous homemade gravy with potatoes and a salad of the season.

The poacher
A grilled pork steak with a mixture of potatoes, peas and mushrooms showered,
served with a fresh salad of the season.

Kraichgauer Beef Roulade
A large roll with a fine stuffing, served with red cabbage, dumplings and homemade salad.

Odenwald rump
A perfectly matured rump steak, grilled and heaped with fine fried onions, served with salad of the season
and a Roggenweck.

Guinea Fowl
1/2 guinea fowl Riesling cabbage, homemade noodles and salad of the season.

Grilled lamb fillet
with green beans, salad and fried potatoes.

grilled with baked potatoes and salad.

Sea bream
roasted on the skin with almond butter, salad and fried potatoes.

Herring fillets after Grandma's Brath
with Brath's potatoes.