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The Spreisel is located in a building in which gastronomy is practiced for more than 450 years. Even prince-elector Friedrich IV von der Pflaz noted in his diary :”Seint wir in des Wirtz zum Schwert´z garden gewest“, „Since we´ve been in the swords inn!“ as the name was back then.

The family Maria and Peter Ueberle acquired this locality 20 years ago and created the Wirtshaus zum Spreisel with the famous hand written menu which contains regional and supraregional delicacies. The restaurant came to its unusual name through its owner, whose nickname is “Spreisel”. Also over the years it became quite a habit to say “lets go to Maria” since she is the owners wife and landlady who is always nice and friendly to every visitor.

The inside of the restaurant is made of worn out parts from farms which were built of wood from the black forest which gives the “Spreisel” a very unique atmosphere.

In the summer time we open our beautiful terrace, which gives every visitor an extraordinary view of the Old Bridge and the Heiligenberg.

The Spreisel-Team has always and will always triy to give you the best service possible and to make a visit in our restaurant an unforgettable experience.